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Wendy and I have lived in the sham for 9 years, most of the housing estates were designed and built to cope with far fewer vehicles than we have on the roads today. While everyone values the convenience and freedom of their cars, we now have so much traffic and this has the potential to cause severe problems to our neighbours and other residents as well as damaging the local roads, however if we live in the area we should be able to park for free.

So I would like to see the introduction of 'NPR' (Number Plate Recognition) for residents and self billing to the the others vehicles parked in the area, it would be a congestion charge for out of town users, Wendy agrees, PS Wendy is fed up with truckers hanging arround our streets at night looking for girls, I always park my truck in the road near the College and the working girls are only there in the week so weekends its a good place to park. finaly the 'sham' is a good place for visitors with the river and river boats, great hotels so lets have more flower shows more 24 hour pubs, 24 internet cafe's, the people want is a comprehensive list of all venues licensed or unlicensed for exotic entertainment, lap dancing, swinging. We should bring together the best clubs and bars with all the details you could need to plan your night's amusement, what a life in the 'sham' Johnny & Wendy


Thankyou Johnny & Wendy for subitting this artical, if you would like to disscuss something with local residents in eveham, simply add a new title to your comment and we will add your comment as an artical that can be discussed, but we are eager to here if you agree or disagree with the auther of ths artical please add your views about Parking and Amusements in Evesham.

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