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but could it be a big hole in the ground wasting Eveshams residents money or is this how we want our council to manage parking in evesham ? For many residents who have to battle traffic wardens, clampers and other residents for a place to park their car it seems like we are getting a rum deal, so lets have it out and discuss what can be done to help the council be more in tune with the residents if it is posssible...more.

Parking in the Evesham Area is nightmare for residents and visitors, but why ?

Since 2004 Wychavon has been responsible for controlling the parking in Evesham, this includes setting aside places for cars to park and marking where it is not permissible to park, all of which needs to be monitored, which is carried out by traffic wardens and any breaches are administered by a support team. This all sounds very simple and yet you have to ask the question why does administering parking in evesham actually cost more than the revenue gained from parking fines an associated income.

From 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008 Total Costs amounted to £180,525 to enforce parking within the Evesham area

From 1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008 Total Income amounted to £108,777 this is the total amount collected from parking fines

The extra costs have been attributedto salary costs travel, consumables and support cost added around £60,000 per annum to the overall costs of the service.

Now we know its not a precise science but if you divide the total income by the cost of a parking fine then you get a rough figure of how many fines have been made on illegally parked cars.

£108525 / £25 = 4341

Sounds a lot doesn't it, but the reality is that is only around 84 cars a week that actually have fines after appeals and representation have been made or if you want to break it down further less than 12 cars a day. now call me old fashioned but is paying out £180,525 to look after less than 12 parking offences a day good value for money ? I'm not so sure, and this compounded by the fact that it is just not easy to park in Evesham for most people, residents find them selves parking streets away from their houses, this includes even business on the high street who regularly receive parking fines when taking in stock and tradesmen that are carrying out essential work and need to park their vehicle close for practical reasons near the job and yet they still get fines.


It is not fair to say that all traffic wardens carry out their work with a Job Worth Hat on, and that they must be the reason that vehicles are ticketed unnessercery because i have seen wardens knock on house doors and checked the validity of a tradesman's Vehicle being parked and made allowances for the vehicle but on the other hand one of my neighbours had a tradesman parked outside his house and when I said to the traffic wardens that the vehicle was owned by a tradesman he simply said that it was none of my business, well I replied that I am a resident of Evesham and so it is my business and that residents pay his wages, but we could make it easier for them to make a more informed decision on whether a vehicle should be ticketed or not and improve our existing facilities and then people going about their daily life or profession will be able to do so without feeling that they have to run the parking gauntlet every day.


So what could be done to solve the parking situation ?

As we have seen by the figures that have been kindly supplied by Wychavon District Council that we are only talking about low numbers of additional parking spaces across the town to reduce the need to park illegally within the Evesham area.

1) Expand existing car parks

2) Free parking for residents in their local council car park.

3) Give all businesses that are situated on the high street a vehicle pass

4)Tradesmen or residents should be able to register a vehicle registration to an address, so that they can carry out work.

5) There are a lot of places where there are yellow lines that could be removed or at least partially removed to provide if nothing else just one parking space which on its own is not a great help but with some careful re planning of the yellow lines could provide a lot of additional parking spaces across the town.

Above are just a few suggestions based on the facts that have been provided by Wychavon Council, but we want more and also would like to hear what experiences you have had parking your vehicle, we would like this to be a full debate and if you have something good to say about how good parking is in your part of town then let us know because maybe the same can be used in other parts of the town, because it would seem that it is up to the residents of Evesham to improve things as group and not leave it to Wychavon's own device by creating a dialogue that is two way and meaningful.


Year by Year total revenue for parking fines in the evesham area for past five years (2003 - 2007)


We are unable to supply the information requested prior to the 11th October 2004 as the Police were responsible for on street enforcement prior to this date. The figures below relate to both on and off street fines. (This includes those issued in the car parks.)


11th October 2004 to 31st March 2005 - Total income in Evesham area £45,984

1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006 - £114,521

1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007 - £123,239

1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008 - £108,777



Breakdown of how the revenue was spent year by year


The income from Parking fines was spent on meeting the running costs of the enforcement service. The salary costs of the staff exceed the income by a considerable sum each year. After apportioning the costs to reflect the cost of enforcement in Evesham as opposed to the whole district the approximate salary costs relating to the above income is:-



11th October 2004 to 31st March 2005 - £61,964

1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006 - £135,912

1st April 2006 to 31st March 2007 - £175,644

1st April 2007 to 31st March 2008 - £180,525


In addition to salary costs travel, consumables and support cost added around £60,000 per annum to the overall costs of the service.


Minutes of meetings that decided how the revenue should be spent.


The minutes of the Executive Board meeting held on the 16th February 2004 state "That the principles for funding the implementation and sharing of any surplus income as now reported be approved"


Effectively this approved the Council funding some of the start up cost of the Decriminalized Parking Service and then recovering those costs against income. Once the Council's cost had been met then the income would be spent in consultation with the County Council on transport improvements. A copy of the report and minutes are available from the Councils committee section at a small cost if you wish to see it.


But because there is no excess, there is no surplus income to spend.



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rob.cha  - I completley agree!!   | |2008-08-03 20:09:53
All of the above points, I am completely with!! The amount of our tax payers
money that is poured into this black hole of paying parking attendants, the
people in the call centres to man the phones

What's more, I think it is
absolutely HORRIFIC that the people effected are not doing anything about it but
thats often the way, but this is something I think we can sort out in our town
and improve the parking in Evesham for all !!

I highly respect the developer
of this website for getting off their bottom and is doing something about the
fact that the government and some of their departments are BULLYING the entire
population and don't need too, lets just talk and co-operate and get things to
work better and we will save money and improve the area we live in !!

We are
treated like absolute dirt in this country and it is high time we all started
standing up for our human rights and stop being herded through life like

GOOD!! :-)
Daren G  - We need more car parking in evesham   | |2008-09-17 04:15:49
There is a new car park being built down church street on the old school site
for 60ish cars, trouble is I don't live anywhere close to that, what would cure
it for me would be the yellow lines being sorted out by me, there are loads of
places that could be better layed oot to give more localised free parking for
residents and would be cheaper im sure, instead of building payed to park car
parks that are only good for folks with loads of money or are just visiting for
a short stop. I totally agree with free parking for residents and the council
could do it if they used some common sense !

P.S on the payed car park front i
saw that some-one tried offer a cheaper car paid car parking opposite the
railway pub and I believe the coucil put a stop to it because they want the
business in their car parks which cost more to park in ....
Sara  - FREE PARKING FOR SHOPPERS   | |2008-12-08 01:06:59
I agree that evesham has some parking issues and along with the above perhaps
evesham should take a leaf out of cheltenhams or Redditchs books, I shop in
Redditch quite often because my husband works there and so if i drop him off its
ideal, and one thing that i am noticing more and more is that the good shops are
leaving evesham but this is not the way in redditch they offer real insentives
like free parking at weekends and I understand the Regents Archade in Cheltenham
does the same, this has got to be a big factor in the demise of businesses in

Come on Evesham Council, lets have some free parking schemes for
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