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1. Parking and Amusements Evesham
(Articals submitted by local Evesham residents/Evesham residents views)
... College and the working girls are only there in the week so weekends its a good place to park. finaly the 'sham' is a good place for visitors with the river and river boats, great hotels so lets have more ...
2. History of Evesham Working Mens Club
(Evesham Working Mens Club/Clubs in Evesham)
... in 1898 and an air-gun team competing in the League in 1904. Despite all these attractions, there was a dance almost every week. Admission charges varying between three halfpence and one shilling, with ...
3. Evesham Working Mens Club
(Evesham Working Mens Club/Clubs in Evesham)
... and take part in a variaty of activities that are held every week for club members. As well as providing activities for over 500 members the club has many facilities that can be hired by non mmebers such ...
4. Evesham Events 2008
(Events in Evesham/Evesham Events)
... contact Station Officer Mike Cunningham (01386) 446388 Lew Hammond (01386) 565518 Email: mcunningham@hwfire.org.uk or lewis.hammond@wychavon.gov.uk August 2008 Evesham Angling Festival Week - 16th ...
5. Parking in Evesham
... = 4341 Sounds a lot doesn't it, but the reality is that is only around 84 cars a week that actually have fines after appeals and representation have been made or if you want to break it down further less ...
6. Evesham Hospital
('Uncategorised Content')
... minor ailments and injuries. The department also acts as the base for the G.P. emergency service during the evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Outpatient Department Telephone: (01386) 502432 The ...
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Wychavon District Council - Latest News
Updated Daily: Latest news from Wychavon District Council.
  • Charity Coffee Morning (25 September)
    Wychavon District Council's Chairman, Andy Dyke, is hosting a charity coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • Wychavon leads the way on flooding
    New planning guidance aimed at tackling the long-term effects of flooding was agreeby Wychavon District Council on 17 September.
  • Energy saving cuts help the taxpayer
    Wychavon District Council has made great strides in a bid to cut its use of energy and save taxpayers money in the greenest possible way.
  • Housing Consultation
    South Worcestershire District Councils (Malvern Hills, Wychavon and Worcester City) will be gathering views at events taking place around the three districts starting in October.
  • Events for 2010
    Wychavon District Council is searching for events around the district for next year's guides.

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