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1. Homemade Beef Burgers
... homemade beef burgers and then an adult can cook the homemade beef burgers for the children. once the homemade beef burgers is cooked, they can make up their roll - ideally give them a choice of bread ...
2. Cafe on the Park
(Evesham Cafe's/Cafe's in Evesham)
... relaxed, friendly atmosphere, ideal for a quick coffee fix, breakfast and a read of the morning papers, a long lazy lunch, or as a business or club meeting venue. Party bookings taken for your personal ...
3. Christmas Lunch in Evesham
(Christmas Lunch in Evesham/Evesham For Christmas Lunch )
... Norwegian prawns on a bed of fresh crispy lettuce with Marie Rose sauce, brown bread & butter or DUCK PATE Duck pate served with warm toast and butter or SOUP Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup with Crusty ...
4. Cheap Booze in Evesham
(Cheap Booze Evesham/Cheap Booze Shops)
... rest of the UK, could this mean the end of the good old british barbecue in the way that many of us become accustomed to, a way for many families that are on the breadline to get together with a spot of ...
5. History of Evesham Working Mens Club
(Evesham Working Mens Club/Clubs in Evesham)
... Grami School on Merstow Green for the purposes of the Evesham Working Men’s Club. The Sc~ room will be appropriated for a reading room and will also be available for lectures entertainments. Today, this ...
6. Top of Bridge Street Evesham
(Bridge Street Evesham/Evesham Bridge Steet)
... Bank Top of Bridge Street Evesham   Stread and Stimpson Shoe Shop Top of Bridge Street Evesham    ...
7. Become a Reporter
... check it is suitable for all ages to read and then publish it, it doesnt matter what age you are we will give you ago. The Mike is yours......  ...
8. Shops at the Bottom of Port Street Evesham
(Evesham Port Street/Port Street Evesham)
... Evesham       Vision Express Opticians Port Street Evesham   HSBC Bank Port Street Evesham   Abby Bank Port Street Evesham   Stread and Stimpson Shoe ...
9. News
Select a news topic from the list below, then select a news article to read. ...
10. FAQs
From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us. ...
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Wychavon District Council - Latest News
Updated Daily: Latest news from Wychavon District Council.
  • Charity Coffee Morning (25 September)
    Wychavon District Council's Chairman, Andy Dyke, is hosting a charity coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • Wychavon leads the way on flooding
    New planning guidance aimed at tackling the long-term effects of flooding was agreeby Wychavon District Council on 17 September.
  • Energy saving cuts help the taxpayer
    Wychavon District Council has made great strides in a bid to cut its use of energy and save taxpayers money in the greenest possible way.
  • Housing Consultation
    South Worcestershire District Councils (Malvern Hills, Wychavon and Worcester City) will be gathering views at events taking place around the three districts starting in October.
  • Events for 2010
    Wychavon District Council is searching for events around the district for next year's guides.

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