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1. Cafe on the Park
(Evesham Cafe's/Cafe's in Evesham)
Jackie & Kim would like to welcome you to Café On The Park. We provide our customers with quality food at affordable prices as well as great service with a smile.   Our café seats 40 in comfort in a ...
2. Tree Surgeon in Evesham
(Tree surgeon in Evesham/Evesham Tree Surgeon)
... as well as formal training in techniques and health and safety giving the skills to be the Tree Surgeon in Evesham that can do all of the above and more.   If you would like a quote from me please ...
3. Cheap Booze in Evesham
(Cheap Booze Evesham/Cheap Booze Shops)
... don't have alcohol problems of the same nature !. So would it be right to stop cheap booze sales and change the way that we have socialized for many years and would it be worth it as it is looking like ...
4. Submit Evesham News
(Submit an Artical to Voice of Evesham/News submitted to Voice of Evesham)
News or a Business advert can be submitted to Voice of Evesham quickly here by clicking on the add comment form, we will then review your news story or advert and then publish it, if you would like to ...
5. Parking and Amusements Evesham
(Articals submitted by local Evesham residents/Evesham residents views)
... in the area we should be able to park for free. So I would like to see the introduction of 'NPR' (Number Plate Recognition) for residents and self billing to the the others vehicles parked in the area, ...
6. History of Evesham Working Mens Club
(Evesham Working Mens Club/Clubs in Evesham)
... enjoyed tremendous success up to present time, but, like all other Clubs in the country formed 80 to 100 years ago, it nowh resembles the Club originally founded. Unfortunately, there is no-one around ...
Next is set to open its second store in Evesham, building has finished and looks like just the fitting out of the shop is left to finish, the store is going to have a much bigger range than the excisting ...
8. Parking in Evesham
... wardens, clampers and other residents for a place to park their car it seems like we are getting a rum deal, so lets have it out and discuss what can be done to help the council be more in tune with the ...
9. Bengeworth Post Office Closure
('Uncategorised Content')
   Bengeworth Post Office faces closure Bengeworth Post Office needs your support to keep it open, the reasons for the closure are look very much like accet stripping and will leave Bengeworth in Evesham ...
10. Help Writing a Listing and meta tags
('Uncategorised Content')
... the title, so that the search engine says to itself here's a page with a title- 'Central Heating Plummer Evesham' and a Meta Discription that says something like - Central Heating Plummer in Evesham, ...
11. Voice of Evesham in Community
('Uncategorised Content')
... them heard across Evesham then make it clear and consise but clean. If you have a subject that you would like the Voice of Evesham to discuss then please send us an Email with the subject matter and any ...
12. Evesham Hospital
('Uncategorised Content')
... like to help in any area please contact the relevant department direct or Matron on (01386) 502345. Evesham and Pershore MIND Telephone: (01386) 502486 The group is affiliated to National MIND and ...
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Wychavon District Council - Latest News
Updated Daily: Latest news from Wychavon District Council.
  • Charity Coffee Morning (25 September)
    Wychavon District Council's Chairman, Andy Dyke, is hosting a charity coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • Wychavon leads the way on flooding
    New planning guidance aimed at tackling the long-term effects of flooding was agreeby Wychavon District Council on 17 September.
  • Energy saving cuts help the taxpayer
    Wychavon District Council has made great strides in a bid to cut its use of energy and save taxpayers money in the greenest possible way.
  • Housing Consultation
    South Worcestershire District Councils (Malvern Hills, Wychavon and Worcester City) will be gathering views at events taking place around the three districts starting in October.
  • Events for 2010
    Wychavon District Council is searching for events around the district for next year's guides.

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