Help Writing a Listing and meta tags


Help Writing a Listing


There are three things that matter about anything published on the web-

1) Title (this also a meta tag)

The title should sum up what you are listing in as few words as possible, three or four words.


Suppose you are a plummer called Fred Bloggs and you specialise in central heating.

Wrong way ' Fred Bloggs Plumming and Central Heating '

Right Way 'Central Heating Plummer'

What we have done is put the main focus on what you do rather than your name, we do this because if you put your name in the title it will become a main keyword, the problem with this is that most the people searching for a Central Heating Plummer will not know your name and so it is wasted, you are better to add the place from were you are from or the area that you do your work in.



'Central Heating Plummer Evesham'


2) Content

The content should focus on what you have placed in your title so if you do other things than in your title then you should mention them but only briefly and pending on the size of listing you should try to incorporate the words you have used in your title several times, it should of course still make sense and if you repeat the word consectively or too many times then google will ban your advert from its listings.

Its not as complicated as it might seem if you make sure that you include the all the title words between two and five times you wont go far wrong on a small advert but the size of the listing doesnt matter really so long as you have identified what you want as your keywords and applied the guidelines to get your keyword density correct, but make sure you fill out as many fields as possible in the add new entry form, it not enough to add the date on its own if you are listing an event, you should add the month as well because lots of people carry out searches related to months but very rarely a specific date, our site will generate a map address if you add a post code to your listing so that anyone looking at your listing can click on the map link and find you easily, this wont be as precise if there is no post code.

3) Meta Tag

The meta tags focus search engines on what you are listing and should all contain at least the same words as the title, so that the search engine says to itself here's a page with a title-

'Central Heating Plummer Evesham'

and a Meta Discription that says something like -

Central Heating Plummer in Evesham, quality work at the right price.

then finally the Meta Keywords:

Central Heating Plummer Evesham

Because the meta tags all tie in with each other the search engine will be happy to direct someone to your listing because it will know that what the searcher will find is what they are looking for.

The meta tags dont have to be as short and can contain more keywords but the more keywods that you use will dilute the importance of each of them.


If you have registered you can check you listing using a meta tag checker and adjust your listing if need be because you should be aiming for at least 85% relivency on all the meta tags.

Meta Tag Checker

all you have to do is add the URL of the listing into the checker and it will analise the page and give you a result instantly.

Register and you can edit your listing once you have published it, if you need too after you have checked the meta tags.

Get it right and your listing will be found easily.

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